If you want to use business cards to properly market your business, you will need to invest some more bucks in good looking cards as well. ordering proper business cards is important because they are the first impression a majority of your potential customers will have about your business.

gunmetal business cards

In this article, we will mention some big mistakes you should avoid when ordering Metal Business Kards for marketing purposes.

Choosing The Wrong Material

Choosing the right material is very important if you want to make your business cards durable and long lasting. Therefore, the traditional paper business cards are no longer the most desirable material as there are many other types of materials available in the market as well.

For example, if you make metal business cards, they will look elegant, and will last for a long time as well. So, never choose the wrong material when ordering your business cards. Metal might cost a bit more at first, but it will automatically save you money by lasting for a long time.

Not Including Important Details

Not including important details on your business cards is another big mistake you should always avoid. That is because improper details can mislead your potential customers, and can waste a lot of your money to no avail.

Therefore, whenever you place your order with the business card provider, provide them with all the important details about your business so they might use them on your business cards.

Using Unconventional Sizes

While you can easily use a custom size with your paper business cards, metal cards do not work the same way. Since they cannot be folded into any shape, you should never order Metal Business Cards which are of an unconventional size. That is because if your cards do not fit in pockets and bullets, they will be thrown away.

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