Saturday morning at 2:30 am on January 8, security personnel from the Choice Gentlemen’s Club called 911 reporting an assault involving 5 parties who just fled the area in a car. As the vehicle was leaving the scene, a passenger threw a bloody switchblade knife from a window onto the ground.

As squad was enroute to the scene they were flagged down at 1st Avenue North and 3rd Street North by one of the victims. Victim 2 was found to have 6 stab wounds, 3 to the head, 1 to the face, 1 to the upper arm, and 1 to the lower left side: all were not life threatening. Victim 2 was transported to HCMC.

Additional squads continued to the 911 callers location and found a second stab victim (victim 1) lying on the sidewalk across the street from the Choice. Victim 1 was found to have a stab wound to his neck, and was unresponsive.

Victim 1 was rushed to the STAB room at HCMC, then to emergency surgery where his status is currently unknown.

A short time later the car was seen dropping two parties off at the HCMC emergency entrance. As the vehicle left it was stopped by MPD and Hennepin County Deputies. Four suspects were detained and later positively identified during a show-up as being involved in the assault.

Officers then located two more suspects inside HCMC, one of which had a stab wound to his hand. The uninjured suspect was escorted outside HCMC and positively identified during a show-up as being involved in the assault. The final suspect with the stab wound is currently receiving medical care and will be arrested/booked after being discharged from HCMC.

Six suspects were booked for PC Assault 2, a weapon was recovered, and a vehicle.