Well, today we get a break from the extreme cold. We climb well above zero degrees in Minneapolis/St. Paul, and we’re already at that elusive (lately) zero degree mark. Here’s the current temperature at Minneapolis/St. Paul from around 7am this morning:
Temperatures will rise to a much more comfortable level today – but do so at an expense for the Twin Cities, because we’re talking about a generally cloudy day and some flurry chances. Shouldn’t be more than flurries for the metro.
Note that warm-up today, tomorrow, and Friday. Note it – and enjoy it. Saturday and Sunday look to have some particularly heinous cold making its way in. Sunday’s high of zero degrees is actually an optimistic high – but the true optimism comes early next week, when we get a bump in temperatures by Tuesday.

Thursday we’re still seeing the chance of light snow arriving, with very minor accumulations, and then the bottom drops out again.

Here’s the forecast radar map for Minneapolis/St. Paul as precipitation works its way in.
Then, those temperatures for the weekend forecast after Friday night. Yikes. Those pinks/purples/whites on the map below showcase what could end up being the coldest air we see this winter (we can only hope) arriving in the region by Sunday morning.

It’s not as if we’re going to be “warm” after this latest blast of Arctic air – it’s just that we’re going to be warmer, and I’ll take that. Stay tuned!