Professionals that work in the field of carpet cleaning usually tend to work really hard in order to ascertain what the best method for handling their job responsibilities might be once all has been said and is now out of the way. These carpet cleaning experts have some pretty strong opinions with respect to what method will work best for them, and this is often informed by the needs of their customers too. However, while there is certainly a lot of healthy debate that occurs among professionals in such situations, there is also a bit of a consensus with respect to what the most versatile option is and this is the option that your own hired expert would go for as well unless you have truly unique requirements from them.

green carpet cleaning

This method that we are referring to above is called hot water extraction, and the vast majority of experts prefer this form of carpet cleaning above all others. The primary motivation for people using steam cleaning which is just a simpler term for hot water extraction is that it goes further than simple cleaning of debris and gets rid of stubborn stains such as those that can come about from spilled chocolate or coffee.

There are very few things that hot water extraction would not be able to take care of, and experts would use alternative methods only if there is a stain that steam can’t clean. Commercial organizations sometimes use dry cleaning though because it is not as inconvenient although this results in a diminished outcome as well as far as quality is concerned. You can choose between the options based on what matters to you.

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